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ApuanGeoLab è un museo per divulgare le Scienze della Terra ed è pensato come un laboratorio di “macchine” interattive, soprattutto meccaniche, che guidano il visitatore all’osservazione e alla sperimentazione, in un viaggio ideale dal globale al locale, dal planetario al regionale, da “Gaia” ad “Apua”.

ApuanGeoLab is a modern space of interactive activities, dedicated to the Earth Sciences.
Here every visitor is a “geologist for a day”, starting on a journey that provides an explanation of the physical and chemical mechanisms which have formed and shaped the planet. The Earth’s interior and convection cells are the key-words in the first room; the second room is dedicated to plate tectonics theory and its effects on a global and local scale. It also describes the endogenous and exogenous forces that formed and then shaped the Apuan Alps. In the final room the visitor can observe the column representing the Apuan Alps “stratigraphy” in which every rock tells its story...

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